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The Houseplants of Pinterest & Instagram

Posted:   January 17, 2017 by Nicole Forbes - Education

Indoor plants have more to offer than a warm addition to your home or office. They are air purifiers, mood lifters & productivity boosters.

2017 Rose Festival Rose is ‘Blooming Brilliant’

Posted:   January 5, 2017

The 2017 Official Rose of the Portland Rose Festival is 'Blooming Brilliant'

Backyard Birding - My New Winter Love!

Posted:   November 3, 2016 by Angela Hoyt - Plant Buyer

Back yard bird watching has become one of my favorite things to do in the fall and winter months. Now that I can’t be outside all day, I love to snuggle up to my cup of tea, and watch the birds through my window. Last year, I set my camera up in the living room pointing at my feeders so I learn and track my visitors. My husband thought I was crazy at first- then I found him taking photos too! While I consider myself a lifetime novice, I have learned some tips and tricks to get the birds to my fe

The More the Merrier

Posted:   November 3, 2016 by Tasha Patterson - Dennis' 7 Dees Gift & Decor Buyer

The leaves are changing and the wind is blowing them to the ground. The rains have come and soon there will be that slight cold crispness to the air. And while many of us are just starting to get use to change in weather, others are ready to start thinking about that magical time of year. The holiday season is upon us. There are lights to hang, trees to dress, garland to wrap, family to be near and holiday joy to spread. And whether you decorate the same each year or change your style completely

Water Mitigation

Posted:   October 28, 2016 by Joe Poulter - Residential Landscape Maintenance Account Manager

Soil can only hold and absorb a certain amount of water. If you are lucky you have quick draining soil with perfect slopes and water is not a problem. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest that is probably not the case. I will discuss mitigation options for lawns, beds, and storm drains.