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Homegrown Berries

Posted:   March 30, 2016 by Nicole Forbes - Dennis' 7 Dees Education

Each year I add to my strawberry patch as I ‘retire’ the oldest plants; there always seems to be some newly available variety that I want to try so I welcome the opportunity to fill in vacant spaces.

Entryway Containers: Neighborhood Envy

Posted:   March 30, 2016 by Jennifer Williams

Do you pass through the doorway to your home; day in and day out, with blinders on to avoid the dreary state of your entryway? The home is our sanctuary, where we can express ourselves but far too often we focus all our energies on the interior and forget to look beyond the door. News flash - everyone sees it, especially you! Rather than ignore this space make it an opportunity to stand out and show the world who you are through thoughtful container plantings that accentuate your style. Three d

April in the Garden | Projects & Shopping List

Posted:   March 28, 2016

Welcome to the first full month of spring! Warmer days, but we can still have cool, even frosty, nights.

Fresh Flower Pots All Year - You’ve Got This!

Posted:   March 24, 2016 by Jennifer Williams

This is for all the people out there who’ve invested in decorative ceramic pots and plants for the front door with the intention that they would bring years of beautiful color, only to end up with an embarrassing collection of mostly dead plants a year later - Too disheartened to go through the process and expense a second time you hide the once prized pots in a corner and forget the idea of fluffy flowers to greet you at the door.

Plant with a Purpose

Posted:   March 23, 2016 by Nicole Forbes - Dennis' 7 Dees Education

Most gardeners have a variety of reasons they might list for buying and caring for various plants; the primary and most obvious being their aesthetic look and natural beauty. Once we invest our time, finances and energy in the pursuit of gardening or landscaping it is worthwhile to also realize that many of the plants we use – in fact the landscape as a whole, works to serve a greater purpose.