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Rain Gardens & Permeable Paving

Posted:   April 22, 2016 by Corey Verch - Residential Landscape Design Manager

Geometric Cactus Gardens: Modern Retro

Posted:   April 12, 2016 by Jennifer Williams

There is currently a geometric craze sweeping the country, I’ve see the festive tell-tale triangular patterns on anything from clothing to dishes and recently I’ve been delighted to see pottery getting in on the angular action. These patterns somehow blend modern and retro seamlessly, two styles that I often find at odds. Pair geometric patterns with the whimsical character of cactus and succulents and you have a match made in heaven. Cactus have some of the most amazing adaptations of the plan

Oregon Native Plants

Posted:   April 11, 2016

Oregon has over 3,600 species of native plants, each beautiful in its own way. Whether you're native to the Pacific Northwest or not, plants from the area are excellent choices in your landscape.