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Indoor Water Gardens

Posted:   July 19, 2016 by Jennifer Williams

Water is deeply engrained in our lives, without it we wouldn’t exist but most of us take it for granted on a daily basis (me included). On the West Coast drought has been increasingly in the news and it has renewed my awareness for the impact water has. When I really think of how water affects me, beyond my immediate hydration needs, I realize it imparts a sense of tranquility that is crucial for me to keep myself balanced in today’s modern world; we can all use a little of that now and then.

Pet-Safe Container Combinations

Posted:   July 18, 2016 by Nicole Forbes

Creating an outdoor space that is safe for everyone while allowing for multiple-uses can be a wonderful challenge, especially when we want to share our gardens with our pets.

Seasonal Succulent Inspiration

Posted:   July 7, 2016 by Nicole Forbes - Dennis' 7 Dees Education

I have planted succulents in a retired pair of high-heel shoes (good riddance!), on top of birdhouses and chicken coop roofs, even used tiny cuttings planted into cored-out wine corks glued to magnets for my refrigerator. I have seen succulent cuttings used in bridal bouquets and boutonnieres like flowers and practically infinite project ideas are on Pinterest, Instagram and so on. One reason succulents are so popular is their versatility of uses due to their low-water needs and ease of care.

July in the Garden

Posted:   July 1, 2016 by Nicole Forbes - Dennis' 7 Dees Education Director

Long hot days and warm nights make July a great time for outdoor living, but remember to water! Hanging baskets, containers, vegetable gardens, flower beds and new plantings are especially vulnerable to weather stress.