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Blueberries For All

Posted:   August 30, 2016 by Angela Hoyt - Plant Buyer

If you think tomatoes are easy to grow, you should try growing blueberries. In my opinion blueberries may be the easiest edibles to grow in the Pacific Northwest. Not only do they take acidic soils, which are naturally in your garden, blueberries are a plant that just keeps on giving.

Fall is a Great Time for Lawn Maintenance!

Posted:   August 30, 2016

Now is Prime Time to over seed and repair any unsightly spots in your lawn. Follow these easy steps towads a perfect lawn.

Tillandsia, Bromeliads and aeriums – The perfect living décor

Posted:   August 24, 2016 by Monica Fossi

Bromeliads’ striking colors and bold structure make them a perfect ‘living bouquet’ to brighten up any space. They can pair with either pots in bold complimentary colors or natural tones to accent the foliage. Either way the affect is breathtaking. Tillandsia charms are more subtle but no less beautiful. These plants range from the size of a quarter to that of a small melon and require no soil. Their foliage tends to range from grey-green to bluish grey making them beautiful, subtle and versati

Sedum Drifters - A Cool Craaft for Hot Weather

Posted:   August 24, 2016 by Jennifer Williams

Succulents are in their element as the weather heats up August, and they can go almost anywhere (probably a good idea to keep them out of the pond though). With a limitless amount of varieties to choose from, you’ll never get bored either.

Water-Wise Gardening

Posted:   August 11, 2016 by Nicole Forbes - Education Director

By the time August comes around in the gardening season, watering may have become a chore – caring for newly planted landscapes can be time consuming and stressful, requiring diligent attention with a watchful eye for subtle changes. Often, customers at our garden centers ask how to water a particular plant they are purchasing and we always struggle to provide a good answer. Knowing how much water to give each plant and how often involves taking into consideration several factors including the e