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Structure in the Garden: Landscaping with Conifers

Posted:   January 26, 2017 by Nicole Forbes - Education

We often overlook conifers when selecting landscape plants; they don’t seduce us with colorful blooms or brilliant fall foliage. However, it is their structure and consistency in the garden that gives us something to look at in winter and provides a backdrop or canvass for our seasonal plants.

Winter Storm Recovery in the Garden

Posted:   January 20, 2017 by Nicole Forbes - Education

After this round of winter storms and snow you are probably looking at your garden wondering what has survived and how to go about recovering any potential damage. Although we still have plenty of winter weather left, there are a few things that can be done now to help your landscape make it to spring looking its best.

Biophilic Design - What is it & Why Should You Care?

Posted:   January 18, 2017

Not only are the addition of plants in an office environment proven to add health benefits but they also add life and beauty to the space for your employees, clients and guests to enjoy. Our Urban Plantscapes division works with businesses throughout the Portland area to enhance work environments with the addition of interior plants.

The Houseplants of Pinterest & Instagram

Posted:   January 17, 2017 by Nicole Forbes - Education

Indoor plants have more to offer than a warm addition to your home or office. They are air purifiers, mood lifters & productivity boosters.

2017 Rose Festival Rose is ‘Blooming Brilliant’

Posted:   January 5, 2017

The 2017 Official Rose of the Portland Rose Festival is 'Blooming Brilliant'