Let’s be honest, moms deserve the world. So, we know it can be difficult to find a gift each and every Mother’s Day that shows how much we truly appreciate all they’ve done for us. Maybe it’s time to push aside the traditional hanging basket and consider a different approach that will make her special day a bit more special. Here are 5 unique and customizable garden-related gift options your mom will “dig” this Mother’s Day!

1. Custom herb or flower container combo

Creating a flower planter
custom flower container for mother's day
custom herb container for mother's day

Stop by our Cedar Hills, Lake Oswego, or Seaside store through May 9th (or while supplies last) to visit our DIY creation bar and plant a one-of-a-kind herb or flower combination—a personal garden gift you know she’ll love.

Choose between a 10-inch combo that includes five plants and a 12-inch combo including seven plants. Following the step-by-step instructions, design a custom masterpiece.  We welcome you to pot your custom creation up in-store using our complimentary potting supplies!

Mothers Day Flower+Herb Bar Instructions

2. Good ol’ gift card from your local plant shop

Dennis 7 Dees Gift Card

Perhaps your mom is a garden lover, but you have no idea which plants she likes. Why not “leaf” the decision to her, pick up a Dennis’ 7 Dees gift card, and take her on an epic shopping spree? Digital gift cards are now available online and can be emailed instantly for quick, hassle-free gifting.

3. Tropical indoor plants for the home

Houseplants for mother's day
Pothos houseplants for mother's day
Anthuriums blooming for Mother's day

Plants make a house become a home. Choose a houseplant you know your mom will love from our oasis of tropical indoor plants. And while you’re at it, pick a pretty planter from our vast selection to put it in! Grab an anthurium or peace lily for the mom that loves indoor blooms!

4. Custom terrarium creation

Terrarium creation for mother's day
creation for mothers day

It’s a fact—moms love when you make something just for them. We know this because they plastered our terrible Kindergarten artwork all over the fridge. Visit our Bridgeport Village and Rejuvenation store locations to create a tiny greenhouse just for her!

5. Living bouquet for the garden

Pink Itoh Peony

Itoh peonies are a cross between herbaceous and tree peonies. The result is large, stunning spring blooms on a compact plant. With so many lust-worthy flowers blooming on one plant, the Itoh peony creates a living bouquet in the garden!

We know moms everywhere will love these unique Mother’s Day gifts, but for the mom who still appreciates the traditional, we have gorgeous hanging baskets and even care kits available. You really can’t go wrong!

Hanging Baskets for Mother's Day

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