Crossroads Referral Form

With the customer present, call/text the preferred landscape professional with customer contact info and project needs (leave a detailed message, if needed). For direction on who to refer, reference the contact list below this form. Be sure to relay to the customer which landscape professional will be in touch with them. Next, fill out the form below and click the “Submit Lead” button when finished, which insures that the referral is recorded in our database and can be tracked and credited back to the correct person.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Goals & Benefits of Crossroads Program

  • Cultivate lifelong customers
  • Provide a platform for clear communication across departments and with customers
  • Create opportunity elsewhere in the company (if one wins, we all win)
  • Develop a culture of relationship-building and establish confidence with each other within the company
  • Recognize employees who are taking initiative
  • Serve our customers to the fullest by introducing them to all of our services
  • Provide a level of service that customers will not experience with our competitors
  • Encourage personal and timely connections by directing customers to the service they seek

Rules & Commission

  • All garden center retail employees are eligible to participate.
  • Only direct leads resulting in contracted sales with one of our landscaping or maintenance departments will apply.
  • The department manager is responsible for tracking and confirmation of sales. Sales will be counted once a contract has been signed and received by that department.
  • Commissions will be paid out to qualifying retail employees for sales resulting from Crossroads at the beginning of each quarter to reflect prior quarter results:
    Residential Design Build = 0.5% of total initial contract value
    Residential Maintenance = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value
    Commercial Maintenance/Irrigation = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value
    Urban Plantscapes = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value / 0.5% one time sale
  • Commissions are limited to original contract only—change orders and repeat business do not apply.

Crossroads Contacts


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