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Goals & Benefits of Crossroads Program

  • Cultivate lifelong customers
  • Create opportunities across the company—if one of us wins, we all win!
  • Leverage our unique set of offerings to meet any landscape-related needs our customers have
  • Recognize employees who are taking initiative

Rules & Commission

  • All garden center retail employees are eligible to participate.
  • Only direct leads resulting in contracted sales with one of our landscaping or maintenance departments will apply.
  • The Landscaping Department Manager is responsible for tracking and confirmation of sales. Sales will be counted once a contract has been signed and received by that department.
  • Commissions will be paid out to qualifying retail employees for sales resulting from Crossroads at the beginning of each quarter to reflect prior quarter results:
    Residential Design Build = 0.5% of total initial contract value
    Residential Maintenance = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value
    Commercial Maintenance/Irrigation = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value
    Urban Plantscapes = 1.5% of initial year-long contract value / 0.5% one time sale
  • Commissions are limited to original contract only—change orders and repeat business do not apply.

For questions about project status, contact Andrea Melnychenko at

Crossroads Contacts

Residential Maintenance

Sean Snodgrass Maintenance Manager

Sean Snodgrass

  • Division Manager
  • Lake Oswego
  • New accounts, large enhancements, complex projects, hardscapes, customer service
Greg Ferey, Residential Maintenance Account Manager at Dennis' 7 Dees

Greg Ferey


  • Account Manger
  • Lake Oswego
  • Small to large enhancements, pruning
Residential Maintenance Account Manager

Peter Forenza


  • Account Manager
  • Cedar Hills
  • Small to large enhancements, pruning, irrigation
Spencer Eley, Dennis' 7 Dees Residential Maintenance Quality Control Supervisor

Spencer Eley


  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Vancouver
  • Small to medium enhancements, customer service
Landscape Designer Kenna Hartman

Clinton Huxley

  • Account Manager
  • Seaside – Manzanita, OR to Long Beach, WA

Residential Construction

Landscape Designer Austin Kelly

Austin Kelly

Cedar Hills & Lake Oswego

Landscape Designer Kenna Hartman

Kenna Hartman

Cedar Hills & Lake Oswego

Landscape Designer Justin Snodgrass

Justin Snodgrass

Cedar Hills & Lake Oswego

Landscape Designer Eric Hagberg

Eric Hagberg

Lake Oswego & Vancouver

Landscape Designer Sam Defever

Sam Defever

Lake Oswego & Vancouver

Landscape Designer Lars Nielsen

Lars Nielsen


Landscape Designer Kelly Paxton

Kelly Paxton


Landscape Designer Jonah Bishop

Jonah Bishop

Seaside – Manzanita, OR to Long Beach, WA

Landscape Designer Kenna Hartman

Duane Wilson

Irrigation Specialist – All Locations

Commercial Maintenance

Sean Snodgrass Maintenance Manager

Ryan McLennan

  • Division Manager
  • New commercial accounts and enhancements
Matt Coombs, Irrigation Manager at Dennis' 7 Dees

Matt Coombs

  • Commercial Irrigation Specialist
  • Irrigation services and repairs
Paige Tisdale, Design & Development, Urban Plantscapes & Commercial Maintenance at Dennis' 7 Dees

Paige Tisdale

  • Design & Development (Urban Plantscapes, Commercial Maintenance)
  • New interior accounts and holiday
  • All aspects of interior commercial care

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