I just have to say, I really love my garden. Sure, I have my share of bugs and slugs, weeds, and thugs—there is plenty of imperfection, but I see that as part of the beauty.

My garden provides me a peaceful sanctuary, a sunny patch to grow food, a shady spot to sit in nature, outdoor seating to safely gather with friends and family, the secret place I go when I am sad, and so much more than I could possibly put into words. Now, maybe more than ever, I feel fortunate to have birdsong and jasmine aroma coming in through my windows, plus fresh garden produce and flavorful herbs waiting to be picked right outside my door.

Blue Adirondack Chairs

Summer weather beckons us outside for cool evenings on the patio, al fresco dining, and meals cooked on the BBQ. Although the plants in my garden are the “main feature,” I rely heavily on a few critical support items that enhance my enjoyment while providing outdoor comfort and atmosphere. This includes good seating, the sound of water, and several planted containers of fresh herbs and flowers.

Having a nice table and comfy chairs is a great way to extend time spent outdoors. A tiny bistro set or laid-back Adirondack chairs, available in bright or neutral colors, may become your new favorite spot for the summer or a place to enjoy an evening meal. Heck, with a long-enough extension cord and a laptop, one might even be able to move the home office outside (may not be recommended for Zoom calls)! Where do you think I am as I write this…? 😊

Keep cool with a water feature that adds the peaceful sound of running water to the garden. I love to listen to my fountain—I find that it helps to drown out city noise and adds to the sense of my garden as an oasis. The birds in my neighborhood also love my fountain and use it as a regular source of hydration, hygiene, and recreation. Just this past week, I’ve seen goldfinches, junkos, bushtits, various sparrows, crows, and hummingbirds visit, much to my delight!

Planted containers full of flowering annuals/perennials, culinary herbs, or a small tree for shade also contribute a lot to outdoor entertaining areas by bringing plants closer in. A grouping of a few pots together or a collection of containers placed around the perimeter make fresh herbs and flowers easier to pick and enjoy, brings fragrant plants closer to seating areas, and adds color wherever you want it.

Here at Dennis’ 7 Dees, we really hope you love your garden too. Our garden centers have a nice selection of patio sets, Adirondack chairs, and water features, and we are always eager to help you with your projects, large, or small! Our Design/Build Department can provide you with a complete landscape renovation; our maintenance crews would love to take some work off your hands; and our garden center professionals are full of creative ideas.

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