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Gathering together in the Winter months is one of the best ways to bring cheer into the darker days. Share your gratitude to your host for opening their home to you with one of our favorite garden-inspired gift ideas for hosts. From succulent or bulb dish gardens to local, handmade olive oil and candles, our garden centers offer a range of special ways to honor your host this holiday season.

Potted Paperwhite Bulbs

Our clean and modern potted paperwhites are a beautiful spin on a holiday classic. We’ve selected timeless containers and filled them to the brim with bulbs that will bloom mid-December, infusing the home of your host with their distinctive perfume.

potted paperwhite bulbs for holiday flowers at Dennis' 7 Dees

Care Instructions

Grow in a well-lit room on a table or mantlepiece, and rotate every few days for even growth. Water twice a week or as needed to maintain good soil moisture. Stake with natural redtwig dogwood branches or ilex berries. Warmer environments will speed up blooming, and cooler rooms will slow down progression.

Succulent Dish Gardens

Our pre-potted Succulent and Cactus Dish Gardens are hip, interesting, and one-of-a-kind. Perfect for the host who does things a little differently, these long-lived gardens show them that you appreciate the attention to detail they bring to everything they create.

Care Instructions

Grow in a brightly lit room or windowsill, and water every other week.

Sea of Roses Candles

Locally made in Portland, Oregon, we love the simple design and perfectly balanced fragrances of these soy wax candles. Available in a range of inspired scents, we particularly love burning Ember, Paper, and Wood in the Winter months.

Portland locally made candles by Sea of Roses at Dennis' 7 Dees Bridgeport Village Plant Shop

Use Instructions

Trim the wick before each lighting to lengthen the use of your candles, and burn in a well-ventilated space away from drafts. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Infuse & Booze Cocktail Mixes

Share an aesthetically-pleasing approach to cocktail making with your host this holiday season. Pair one of our aromatic cocktail mixes with your favorite spirit and take the hassle out of manning the bar at their next gathering.

Storage & Use Instructions

Store unused infusions at room temperature. Fill with liquor of choice for an exciting new take on a classic cocktail. For a non-alcoholic approach, fill with hot water.

Herb & Cache Pot Pairings

For the host who lives in the kitchen, we love pairing a 4-inch hardy herb like Rosemary, Thyme, or Sage with one of our many beautify indoor cache pots. By taking a “choose your own adventure” approach to this gift, you’re able to select a plant and pot perfectly suited to their individual style. And because cache pots don’t have drainage holes in the bottom, they offer a great way to bring outdoor plants inside without making a mess.

assorted herbs in cache pots

Care Instructions

Grow on a kitchen counter or windowsill. Remove plant from cache pot and water under the sink until water flows out of the drainage holes in the nursery pot. Harvest herbs until plant begins to look spindly, typically 1-2 months. Place existing plant outdoors to be planted out in Spring, and replace with a new herb or houseplant to fill container.

Local Durant Olive Oil & Salts

Our newest offering, the Oregon-milled olive oils and salts from Durant in Dundee, OR make an absolutely delicious host gift. Choose between flavors like garlic, basil, and lemon, or keep it simple with a 100% Mission Olive extra virgin oil.

Storage & Use Instructions

Store olive oils at room temperature and away from sources of heat or light. Serve drizzled over finished dishes, or on their own with bread and pinch of salt.

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