Even though we are onboard the collector plant train (and we’re never getting off), collector plants have more care and attention requirements than common plants, making us appreciate our staple houseplant babies all the more!

These houseplants are popular for a reason—not only do they have easy care requirements, they grow quickly and have so many characteristics that make us love them. Among these tried-and-true plants, there is something for everyone, no matter your access or budget. Here are 7 of our favorite easy-care indoor plants:

Monstera Deliciosa

How could we not love this trendy houseplant? From the aroid family, the Monstera deliciosa grows quickly and can get incredibly large under your care. When young, their leaves are almost heart-shaped, but as they mature (and the more light they receive) their leaves begin to develop holes or fenestrations that give them their distinguished look and your space a tropical feel.

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Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane

These reliable plants are quite hardy, and like the Monstera deliciosa, Dieffenbachias can also grow quite large. They are one of our favorites because of the various unique leaf patterns each type can have. Dieffenbachias can tolerate low light, though, like most plants, they will thrive and grow faster in bright to medium, indirect light. Some of our favorite Dieffenbachias are ‘Tropic Snow’, ‘Camouflage’, and ‘Star Bright’.

ZZ Plant

If you are looking for a cool houseplant that can tolerate neglect, look no further than the ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). This plant is perfect for a low light spot in your house, and its interesting growth pattern is sure to turn heads. The classic ZZ Plant has gorgeous waxy emerald green leaves, but if you’re looking for something a little more intriguing, the ‘Raven’ ZZ may strike your fancy with its shiny dark, almost black foliage. The new growth comes in light green, creating a beautiful contrast with the more mature leaves.

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Heart Leaf Philodendrons

Talk about a classic houseplant—Heartleaf Philodendrons have been a crowd favorite for years. These plants can have two different growth patterns: up or down. If you want that indoor jungle look, these make perfect hanging plants. Their vines are fast-growing and can quickly turn your space into a jungle oasis. In nature, these plants grow up trees with their aerial roots. If you prefer to mimic that environment, you can stake them and allow them to grow up a support in your home. This will result in larger leaves at the top.

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Pothos are another great low-maintenance houseplant. Like the Heartleaf Philodendrons, they can grow up or down depending on which look you prefer, and they grow incredibly quickly. The Golden Pothos has striking yellow splotches on the leaves, and the Marble Pothos looks exactly like its name, featuring a white and green marble-like pattern. If you like the idea of variegated plants, but you don’t want to spend the time or money on them, these are the perfect alternative.

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If you are looking for a vibrant plant that will grow quickly, go for a Tradescantia—these plant babies grow and grow and grow! Another type of vining plant, Tradescantia are incredibly hardy houseplants, and they come in many different colors of foliage, from all green to green and yellow, green and white, and our personal favorite, purple/pink, green, and white!

Anthuriums blooming for Mother's day


Another plant that does quite well in low light is a Dracaena. This easy-care plant is undoubtedly a statement plant, and there are so many types to choose from! With a tall, vertical growth pattern and “spiking” leaves, the Dracaena is an attention grabber, ideal for sprucing up that boring corner or plain wall in your home.

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Even though these staple houseplants are low maintenance, there is still some care involved. Read through our Houseplant Care 101 guide to understand more about how to help your plant babies thrive!

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