Native to North American prairies and still commonly found growing wild, Echinacea (also known as Coneflower) has also become a wildly popular flower in home gardens. Ornamental plant breeders have developed countless cultivars in recent years, and we now have a wide selection of flower colors, shapes, and sizes to enjoy!

The combined current inventory from all our garden center locations equals more than 40 different Echinacea choices! It’s peak season for these beauties, so stop in soon for the best selection.

Echinacea Planting & Care

Similar to their native habitat, coneflowers thrive in full sun and average, well-draining, slightly alkaline soil (add lime when planting in acidic conditions). Perennial and cold hardy to Zone 3 or 4 depending on the cultivar, they bloom from mid-June through September with daisy-like flowers that attract bees, beneficial insects, butterflies, and songbirds (seeds), but they are resistant to deer and rabbits.

Plants are drought tolerant once they are established, but new plantings will benefit from regular watering for at least the first year. As flowers fade, the dried seeds are attractive to many types of birds; plants can be cut back in fall or allowed to remain for winter and cut back in spring before new growth begins. Avoid over-fertilizing, which may cause weak, floppy growth—a light, yearly top dressing of compost may provide sufficient nutrition in average gardens.

Though not usually bothered by many pests or diseases, these plants may be prone to root rot in poorly drained soils, so proper site selection is critical. If heavy, clay soil is an obstacle to planting in the ground, Echinacea make fantastic container plants and can be grown in pots for years. Deadheading can encourage longer bloom time and cut flowers are long lasting and beautiful in bouquets.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Classic ‘Magnus’: large, mauve pinkish/purple flower; grows to 40″ tall by 18″ wide
  • ‘White Swan’: long lasting, slightly fragrant, white flowers; grows to 40″ tall by 18″ wide
  • ‘Cheyenne Spirit’: early bloomer with a range of colors in “sunset” shades; has sturdy stems and a compact habit, growing 24-30″ tall by 12-24″ wide
  • ‘Sombrero’ Series: for more compact plants; grow 18-24″ tall and wide


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