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With visual appeal, convenience, and controlled soil conditions, it’s no surprise that raised garden beds are popular among novice and seasoned gardeners alike. Whether you’re just starting to work with your green thumb or have been tending your garden for years, consider adding raised beds to your outdoor living space this season.

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

If you like the design aesthetic and sculptural aspect of raised beds or are looking for a new way to organize your garden, here are a few benefits of raised garden beds:


Raised beds can come in any shape or size, plus they can be made from just about any material, including wood, metal, an old tub, upcycled furniture, etc. Ideally, the beds should not be wider than you can reach across from either side—about four feet. They can even be can even put on wheels for mobility! Ultimately, raised garden beds can work in any outdoor space.


Depending on their height, tall raised beds can be tended to without having to bend over or from a wheelchair or garden chair—a plus for those who suffer from an achy back after an afternoon of tending to their garden.


As self-contained spaces with the ability to easily amend soil and maintain soil health, raised beds can help save space while providing increased vegetable, herb, and flower yields. This also means less weed growth and minimized exposure to pests and diseases. You can also contain plants with spreading habits in raised beds (be careful plants don’t spread by rooting out the bottom).


Raised beds offer reduced soil compaction and erosion, and, when properly set up, optimal drainage through the bed walls. Raised beds also allow soil to warm up long before the soil in the ground, plus it stays warmer for longer, extending your gardening season!

Types of Raised Garden Beds

There are many types of raised garden beds available. Everything from durable cedar planters to raised beds with legs for urban gardening can be found at our garden centers and through our residential landscape design services. If you’re looking for something custom, our team can help create raised garden beds unique to your yard and landscape. When choosing size, material, and form of a raised bed for your space, it helps to consider the intention of your garden:

Edible Garden

Aside from saving you money and multiple trips to the grocery store, growing your own food is a great way to eat a more diverse and seasonal selection of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and to control which ingredients, fertilizers, and chemicals are in contact with your food.

Cutting Garden

If you’re reluctant to cut flowers from your yard, but love the idea of keeping fresh flowers indoors, a raised garden specifically for growing and cutting fresh flowers is a great option that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your garden indoors and out.

Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscaping is all about water conservation. Our garden centers in Portland, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, and Seaside provide numerous plant and flower varieties that thrive on little water and are perfect for year-round garden beds.

In Conclusion

At Dennis’ 7 Dees, there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients and customers create exquisite landscapes. Contact our talented landscaping team or visit one of our garden center locations to learn more about raised bed gardening and our variety of options.

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