You can never have too many houseplants.

You don’t need less plants—you need more shelves!

Our indoor plant shops in Tigard and Portland feature an abundance of common and collector houseplants for the avid indoor gardener, along with decorative pots, home décor, and plant-related gifts. Our garden center locations each carry a wonderful selection of indoor plants and products as well! Whether you’re a new plant parent or a houseplant connoisseur, stop by to nurture your green thumb, get expert houseplant advice, or just to say hello.

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Did You Know? We Ship Houseplants!

Save yourself a trip and order a plant via mail! For your convenience, certain indoor plants can now be shipped directly to your home. Plants are shipped Monday through Wednesday for orders placed the previous week. Before being shipped to you, every plant is carefully inspected by our horticultural experts for health and quality standards.  While the plant size, shape, and appearance may vary slightly from plant to plant, we assure you—you’ll receive a beautiful, and healthy plant that is ready to thrive!

Pet-Safe Indoor Plants

Pet-Safe Indoor Plants

With our lives changing so much over the past couple of years, many of us turned to fluffy companions to help our quarantine feel less lonely, and to fill our homes with happiness. But what plants are safe for our new furry friends?

When we find ourselves spending more time indoors, houseplants can add color and life to our homes, but which plants are safe for our pets? Though many houseplants are considered “pet-safe,” ingesting too much of any plant matter can cause complications, plus you want to keep your plants looking their best! For detailed information on plant toxicity, go to or ASPCA Poisonous Plants.

Houseplants for Low Light

When selecting an indoor plant, it’s important to consider the quality of light your space provides. Thankfully, there are gorgeous houseplants that can tolerate even the darker places in your home! It’s best to place low-light plants within:

2–3 feet of a window with northern exposure
3–5 feet of a window with eastern exposure
4–10 feet of a window with western exposure
10–18 feet of a window with southern exposure

See our Light Reading Chart for Indoor Plants for more details.

Low Light Houseplants
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Collector Plants

What makes a plant a collector plant? Why are they so sought after? Since these “special” plants are so popular among the houseplant community right now, we want to provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully start or continue your collector plant journey.

Variegated plants specifically have plant lovers going crazy—understanding the science behind variegation is key to knowing why some of these plants are considered so unique. learn from our indoor plant specialist Justin while he discusses some of his favorite rare and unusual plants and how to care for them in this class video. Justin has a houseplant collection consisting of 400+ common and uncommon plant babies!

More Houseplant Resources

There is always more to learn in the world of houseplants. Luckily, we have an endless amount of resources to help you become a prosperous indoor plant parent, including blog articles, printable care sheets, and more!

Calathea Care

Calathea Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Indoor Fern Care

Indoor Fern Care

Alocasia Care

Alocasia Care

Anthurium Care

Anthurium Care

Hoya Care

Hoya Care

Indoor Vertical Gardening & Living Walls

Limited on space? Go vertical! Innovative containers are providing us with more ways to incorporate plants into our indoor spaces these days, from wall-mounted planters to various hanging methods, totems, and even moss art.On the Wall Mounted...

All About Air Plants

Air plants are perfect for anyone looking for a very forgiving houseplant that does not need as much attention as others. My ever-growing collection of air plants lives mostly in my north-facing kitchen window. Some hang in decorative tropical seed...

Houseplant Troubleshooting: 7 Common Problems

Tiny gnats in your coffee, yellowing or dropping leaves, crispy or distorted growth… these may all be symptoms of common houseplant problems that are easily addressed if caught early. Read on to learn what to watch for and how to diagnose, treat,...

Holiday Indoor Plants & Bulbs

When it comes to decorating your home or grabbing a quick gift, flowering indoor plants provide long-lasting color and convenience with a wide selection to suit any style. Keep in mind that most flowering plants have a fairly short bloom time and...

How to Care for Ferns Indoors: The Ultimate Guide

As Pacific Northwesterners, we have a soft spot in our hearts for ferns. When we add them into our homes and dwell amongst their feathery fronds, we can’t help but feel like we’re in a lush green forest. One of the best things about ferns is the...

The Science Behind Plant Propagation: The Totipotency of Plant Cells & Different Ways to Propagate

With the growing season almost over (March through September), now is the perfect time to do some last-minute houseplant propagation! If you are a seasoned indoor plant parent, you have probably been propagating plants for a while without even...

Basic Indoor Plant Care & Selection

7 Basic Rules for Successful Indoor Plants Let houseplants rest during the winter (October–February). Accept the loss of "temporary" plants. Give them extra humidity (group them together). Treat problems promptly. Learn to repot when needed Don’t...

Fall & Winter Houseplant Dos & Don’ts

Although they live indoors, houseplants "know" what season it is by the length of daylight and the angle of the sun. Winter days can be short and dark, and when the sun does appear, it is low and in the southern portion of the sky. Similar to the...

How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

The indoor plant that has dominated style and design trends since houseplants became popular is the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata). Found in either tree form or in its more juvenile shrubby phase, this plant features large, glossy green leaves on a...

Common Houseplant Pests & Problems

Whether you have a large collection of houseplants or you are just starting to explore your green thumb, houseplant pests are something you will have to deal with, unfortunately. We know—it’s not what you wanted to hear, but the good news is there...

Recorded Vimeo Classes

Watch all of our past indoor plant classes at your convenience! We offer FREE weekly live stream video classes and workshops to help you succeed in your home and garden throughout the year. We look forward to growing with you!

Virtual Houseplant Consultation

Get one-on-one expert advice tailored to your needs from the comfort of your home! This 30-minute coaching session includes plant identification, selection and placement, maintenance tips, pest/disease control, problem-solving, Q&A, a detailed summary, and unlimited follow-up questions via email, all for $75! To schedule your appointment, please prepay here and fill out the form below.

Virtual Houseplant Consultation

Dennis' 7 Dees Houseplant Care

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