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Life is better with plants.


We improve health, productivity, and happiness for people where they live, work, and play.

Our horticulturists are trained in biophilic design practices and understand the significant influence plants have on all occupants of a space, including proven health benefits. We design, install, and maintain innovative plantscapes to complement your commercial space (inside and out) with exquisite containerized plants, living walls, and moss art. After installation, we visit regularly to ensure your plants continue to thrive. Commercial spaces include offices, hotels, multi-family housing, retail stores and malls, healthcare facilities, education environments, municipal buildings, and more.

BIOPHILIC DESIGN is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.

Our Services

We work alongside your design professional or directly with you to plan and develop an innovative plantscape that ignites the senses and fulfills people’s innate desire to be with nature. Our horticultural technicians use exquisite plants and sustainable containers to complement your commercial space, inside and out. After installation, we visit regularly to ensure your plants stay beautiful, providing the finest and friendliest care to our clients and their plants.

Looking for “WOW” and have limited floor space? Green walls are “growing” design trends with biophilic benefits, sure to impress your tenants, employees, clients, and/or guests. Living walls are real masterpieces! They are long-term investments that require planning and trained professionals to guide the process. They will be carefully maintained by our horticulture technicians. Moss art is the perfect solution where water and electricity are not available and lighting is at a minimum. It is cost-effective and requires very little maintenance (occasional dusting).

Let us do all the work for you—we have everything you need to stress less and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! We create on-trend festive displays, from design to installation, with your business environment in mind. We offer a variety of holiday theme choices ranging from sleek and contemporary designs to more traditional options. Our designers have decades of experience and our installation experts are all safety and lift certified. MORE DETAILS

Take a break from the norm and a breath of fresh air with an inspiring, hands-in-the-dirt, virtual team-building activity in your home or office. Along with step-by-step video instructions, our horticulturists will provide a comprehensive list of materials needed, available via curbside pickup at one of our garden center locations, for each participant to create a unique botanical work of art. Access to nature alleviates stress, improves productivity, and stimulates happiness, so schedule a virtual wellness workshop for your team today, customized to best fit your needs!

Plants play a key role in enhancing employee experience at work (and at home). Benefits include:

Health & Energy

Improved Health & Energy


Increased Focus & Productivity

Reduced Stress Positive Feelings

Positive Feelings & Reduced Stress

Health & Energy

Increased Creativity

Fresh Air

Better Air Quality

Noise Reduction

Reduced Noise Pollution

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