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We design, install, and maintain innovative plantscapes to complement your commercial space (inside and out) with containerized plants, living walls, and moss art. Life is better with plants!

Enhance Your Commercial Space


We improve health, productivity, and happiness for people where they live, work, and play.

We design, install and maintain innovative plantscapes to complement your commercial space (inside and out) with containerized plants, living walls, and moss art.

Our horticulturists are trained in biophilic design practices and understand the proven benefits plants have on all occupants of a space. Commercial spaces that we service with our premier interior plant service include offices, hotels, multi-family housing, retail stores and malls, healthcare facilities, education environments, municipal buildings, and more.

Urban Plantscapes Succulent Dishes
Improved Health & Energy

Improved Health & Energy

Increased Focus & Productivity

Increased Focus & Productivity

Positive Feelings & Reduced Stress

Positive Feelings & Reduced Stress

Increased Creativity

Increased Creativity

Better Air Quality

Better Air Quality

Reduced Noise Pollution

Reduced Noise Pollution

BIOPHILIC DESIGN is a concept used within the building industry to increase connectivity between people and the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and environmental conditions.

Commercial Plant Design & Care Services

Workshops, Events & Training

Take a break from the daily grind and get your hands dirty with an inspiring virtual or in-person team building activity in your home or office.

Along with step-by-step instructions, our horticulturists will provide the necessary materials for each participant to create a unique botanical work of art. Access to nature alleviates stress, improves productivity, and stimulates happiness, so schedule a virtual or in-person wellness workshop for your team today, customized to best fit your needs!

Moss art workshop for business or corporate team building events - by Urban Plantscapes of Dennis' 7 Dees

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been working with this amazing team for many years. If you are looking for great quality products and great customer service, this is your team! Thank you all for your dedication and passion!!!

Nicholas R.

Love Urban Plantscapes. They take care of all my plants in our lobby and offices. Kiya always does a fantastic job, very knowledgeable and of course always so friendly!! Thanks for taking care of us.

Alex D.

Urban Plantscapes has planted all the containers in my yard for the last four years. All the staff have been wonderful and do excellent work. The planting is done in May and the the plants look fantastic even in the fall. This year I was so happy that my container plants survived the heat wave and look exceptional.

Diane D.

I want to express my appreciation for the effort and ability Allana and her team from 7 Dees provided us… Allana brought knowledgeable support at a critical time… We look forward to future efforts with Dennis’ 7 Dees!

Hal T., GSky Plant Systems

We love using Urban Plantscapes! Mary and Kiya have been very helpful and always friendly when they visit the office. Our plants always look beautiful!

Kearney Plaza

We saw amazing Moss Art at a local coffee shop and contacted Dennis’ 7 Dees to inquire about it for our home. We were lucky enough to get Paige from the get go who was hyper responsive and efficient. Within a few days she was at our house listening to what we wanted, looking at the space and showing us samples of the moss. D7D made a custom design for our space and within a few weeks they came and installed flawlessly with a professional crew that did not leave a trace behind. Overall a fantastic experience. The piece looks great and I would highly recommend.

Gabriel G.

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