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Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscape Design Guides provide all the tips, examples, color palettes, and plant recommendations you need to achieve a cohesive and beautiful landscape.

Each Landscape Design Guide outlines the foundational principles of popular landscape styles, introduces two unique and custom color palettes, and discusses material hardscaping elements and plant characteristics intrinsic to the look. A complete and comprehensive plant list of sun and shade plants ideal for growing in the Pacific Northwest is included with each guide along with lots of photographs showing the colors and textures of the plant selections.

Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscape Design Guides are perfect for anyone looking for ways to update their gardens with interesting plants and on-trend landscapes styles. Use the plant color palettes and plant lists as a shopping guide when visiting any of our Portland nurseries. Or fill out the form below to book an appointment with one of our award-winning landscape designers for a consultation on how to bring the vision of a new front or backyard landscape and outdoor living area to life.

The Bohemian and Modern Landscape Design Guides are the first of many. Download them to get on our email list and be the first to receive updates on additional landscape styles like Pacific Northwest Zen, Traditional, Mediterranean, and more!

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