About Dennis' 7 Dees

Dennis’ 7 Dees is a local, family-owned and operated business serving the residential and commercial landscaping and gardening needs of Oregon and southwest Washington since 1956.



Bernard and Florence Esch launched a small lawn maintenance business and a wholesale rhododendron nursery. The couple had a daughter named Merle.

Dennis' 7 Dees Family History


Merle married Robert Snodgrass and they had 7 children, all with “D” names. Robert operated the family garden center, nursery, and landscaping business, which he called Seven Dees.

Dennis' 7 Dees family history


Robert’s sons Dennis and Drake took over the business. David purchased the landscape portion from Dennis and partnered with brothers Dean and Drew.

Dennis' 7 Dees About Us


Dennis’ 7 Dees is owned and operated by brothers David, Dean, and Drew, who work together with a team of dedicated employees to fulfill a long-standing commitment to quality and service.

About Us - Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Our business is built on established family tradition and deep roots (pun intended) in the Portland community. Our reputation as a reliable local company is upheld by decades of satisfied clients.

About Us - Personal Experience

Personal Experience

As a family business, we have a greater sense of commitment and accountability to you. Service is never compromised; your needs are thoroughly addressed and we can overcome challenges together.

About Us - Stellar Safety

Stellar Safety

We’re proud of our superb safety record, which is far better than the industry average. This illustrates our dedication to keeping our workforce and clients safe, stable, and ultimately happy.

About Us - Award Winners

Award Winners

Have peace of mind! We create nationally-acclaimed, award-winning spaces. We’ll give you extensive design options to optimize your landscape and help you build the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

About Us - Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

We continually strive to stay up to date on evolving technology and techniques so we can offer efficient, environmentally responsible services and products, while still providing superior quality.

About Us - Community Impact

Community Impact

We’re dedicated to supporting our community and helping it grow with us. Each year, Dennis’ 7 Dees donates time and labor and participates in events to help raise money for local organizations.

We work to be better stewards of our environment.

As a local leader in the landscaping industry, we have a critical responsibility to keep our city and waterways clean to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our communities, clients, and staff. It is our duty to ensure future generations have a habitat in which to live happily and prosper. For over 60 years, we have strived to stay up to date on evolving technology and techniques so we can offer efficient, environmentally responsible services and products, while still providing superior quality.

Environmentally-Friendly Products 

Our landscaping and maintenance crews use a premium, all-season fertilizer formulated from natural and organic ingredients that is OMRI Listed® for organic use. This fertilizer, along with other OMRI® options for plant health and disease control, can be used on operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program. Our garden centers also favor organic fertilizers by stocking and promoting them at each location.


Grass clippings and other yard debris have traditionally been bagged and hauled to landfills or yard waste processing centers. For more than 20 years, we have been recycling all organic yard debris. We also recycle and/or reuse paper, plastic, metal, batteries, oil, and other materials. We reuse all of our containers, reducing the need to purchase more and preventing them from being sent to the landfill.

Reduced Runoff & Erosion Control

We control runoff by installing water gardens, bioswales, wetlands, and eco roofs into our landscape designs. This protects our waterways and helps prevent water from overwhelming municipal utilities.

Energy-Efficient Equipment 

We use fuel-efficient equipment for yard maintenance services with low-emission engines that prove to run cleaner than EPA standards for exhaust emissions.

Sustainable Services

Mulching grass clippings back into the soil profile is an essential aspect of environmental stewardship that requires special mulching decks and blades. Dennis’ 7 Dees is proud to partner with John Deere engineers to design improvements for maximum mulching in our sometimes challenging Pacific Northwest climate. Mulching creates a healthier, fuller lawn while reducing water and fertilizer use.

Reduced Reliance on Chemicals

Choosing products that minimize our impact on the environment is very important to us. At Dennis’ 7 Dees, we maintain landscapes with the goal of reducing chemical use on plants and flowers. This includes integrated pest management, which takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options, including hand weeding and weed control through mulching.

Water Conservation

Working with major manufacturers, we provide the latest in products and technologies that use water efficiently, including water-saving nozzles, Rain Bird Smart Controller technology, and a grass seed blend requiring 75% less water than normal turf. Our commitment extends to the education and training of our crews.

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