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We provide an extensive range of custom landscape maintenance services for commercial properties, from corporate offices to medical facilities, retail centers, and private properties.

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Let Dennis’ 7 Dees manage your commercial property by meeting the exact needs of your landscaping. Expert crews with superior plant and irrigation knowledge will keep all your properties looking immaculate for staff, residents, and customers.

Let us maintain your landscape so you can manage your property with ease.

We support commercial property managers with quality landscaping services and true partnership, and we aim to make your job easier. You will be matched with an experienced and professional account manager and a dedicated team of skilled landscaping crew members.

We provide an extensive range of custom landscape maintenance services for all types of commercial properties, from corporate offices to medical facilities, retail centers, and privately owned properties.

Mowing & Edging
Fertilization & Weed Control
Irrigation Management
Synthetic Lawn Care
Renovations & Enhancements
Perennial Plant Care
Seasonal Pruning
Leaf Cleanup
Snow & Ice Removal

Commercial Landscaping Project

Ready to stand out? Our Enhancements Team can elevate your landscape with custom features, additions, and renovations.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

During your free commercial landscaping consultation, we’ll discuss our sustainability-focused options for your landscape maintenance, depending on your specific needs and desires. In addition to environmentally friendly landscape design and maintenance approaches, we’re investing in an electric landscaping future!

  • We’re phasing out our conventional gas-powered equipment and replacing it with electric models to improve sustainability, reduce noise, and minimize user fatigue for our crews.
  • We use water-saving technology! We’ll install a Weathermatic smart irrigation system which can be set to the specific conditions of your job site and provides instant tracking and reporting. Save water and reduce your water bill while keeping plants happy!
  • We can recommend plants that require significantly less water, fertilizer, and chemical treatments, while still creating a beautiful and inviting landscape.
  • Ask about our green control options for your lawn and landscape maintenance.


Apartment and condo landscaping with green roof by Dennis' 7 Dees

Safety & Cutting-Edge Equipment

TracMow robot lawn mower for slopes

We’re proud of our superb safety record and we are dedicated to creating safe working environments for our team members and everyone on your property. We put these words into action by harnessing the following:

  • Weekly safety training for our crews
  • Daily truck and trailer inspections
  • Annual safety week and safety month
  • Cross-training on equipment outside normal responsibilities
  • Investment in a robotic lawn mower to safely mow grass on steep slopes and save time


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