Romantic Lakeside Garden Retreat

Nestled in the hills on Lake Oswego, these homeowners wanted a modern landscape design to complement the style of their home. Upon acquiring the property, the new owners had a vision to transform the existing garden, which was ultimately a cottage garden gone wild, into a more contemporary space.

Where possible, curved lines were transformed into straight lines and 90 degree angles, and  existing plants were planted in geometric grids. Different types of ornamental grasses were used extensively throughout the space with the intent of softening the straight lines and angles tounify the house with the new landscape. Various widths of steel metal edging were used to create borders along the grass, gravel pathways, and vegetable beds. Iron pedestals left by the original homeowners were repurposed and transformed into large upright planters, creating focal points in the front garden and west side garden.

NALP Award of Excellence

Landscape Features

Slab Pathways
Gravel Pathways
Steel Edging
Raised Vegetable Beds
Repurposed Iron Planters
Ornamental Grasses
Border Plantings
Lawn Areas

landscape plan design

We believe that building your landscape should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. We combine your ideas and needs with our designers’ expertise while considering budget sensibility to create a landscape design that’s distinctively yours. We’re confident that we can help you create your dream outdoor living space!

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