2020 was a crazy year… especially for houseplants. Being stuck at home with more free time on our hands created an opportunity for indoor plants to transform our interior spaces and our lives for the better, and people caught on quickly.

The houseplant community grew larger than it has ever been, especially with new delivery and curbside pickup options. The pandemic even brought about several new houseplant trends, one of them being pink plants… and we’re not talking about the flowers!

Traditionally, houseplants have been thought of as spots of green that add nature and a sense of peace to an indoor space. However, in 2020 the houseplant community turned to something more extraordinary than your typical green foliage—plants with pink leaves! The Philodendron Pink Princess was one of the most popular pink plants of 2020, to the point where plant shops and greenhouses couldn’t keep it in stock. Since then, other plants with pink foliage have gained popularity like Ruby Tinieke, Pink Syngonium, Pink Aglaonema, Pink Caladium, Stromanthe, and the newest possibility… whispers of a soon to be Pink Variegated Monstera?! (swoon)

photo of a pink syngonium plant

Syngonium Neon Robusta

photo of pink aglaonema plant

Pink Agleonema

photo of pink caladium plant

Pink Caladium

Not only have pink houseplants been trending over the last year, but pink home décor is also having its moment in the spotlight… heck, it may even be here to stay! In turn, stores have been stocking their shelves with blush, bubblegum, and pastel pink pots to complement these new pink plant babies, and we are 100% on board here at Dennis’ 7 Dees.

Pink plant pots and accessories
Fern in a pink wallygro eco planter
Pink Pots and Accessories
Pink Pots and pink rainbow watering can

So, why pink? Firstly, pink is the universal color of love, and perhaps we all needed a little more love than usual in the past year. And it isn’t just for “girly girls” anymore—it’s been seen in a whole new light within our culture, breaking traditional gender roles and almost fitting into the neutral color category. The boundaries of this redefined color are limitless, as the recent “Millennial Pink” phenomenon can vouch for. Versatile pink is soft and soothing, warm and tropical, youthful and nostalgic—it can even inspire a sense of calm in hectic spaces. And who wouldn’t want these types of vibes after a year like 2020?

Lastly, pink is just FUN! And pink plants are especially! The year 2020 may have brought its challenges, but it also taught us to accept change, be ourselves, and take time to laugh. That is what these charming, pink-leafed plants represent—a modern type of self-expression that is truly fun. So, go get that pink plant you’ve been admiring all year—you’ve earned it.

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