As offices start to open and employees begin to re-enter the workplace, social distancing solutions in the office have come to the forefront of businesses’ needs.

The traditional solutions to social distancing have included plexiglass and drab cubicle walls, causing employees to dread the isolation instead of feeling safer. With the last year being full of uncertainty and changes, employees need to feel welcomed and comfortable when they return to the workplace. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate creative and innovative social distancing solutions for your employees, such as… plants! Here are 3 ways to use plants as spatial boundaries as we re-enter the workplace:

1. Plants to separate seating areas

Moss Wall and Palm in an office

2. Biophilic room dividers

3. Plants to guide foot traffic

plants in a conference room

Adding plants to the workplace comes with more benefits than we may realize, including:

  • 15% increase in productivity when plants are included in an office space
  • Employees with plant views have fewer headaches and completed concentration tests 19% faster than those without plants
  • Workers in offices with better light and natural views use fewer sick leave hours
  • Plants are significant in employee perceptions of friendliness, comfort, and freshness of the workplace
  • 97% of employees say they would like to have more plants in the workplace.

Plants increase the overall health and wellness in any space. So, no matter what you’re looking for, nature provides endless options!

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