For Fresh Color

In April, we have warmer days and cool (even frosty) nights; average last frost date is April 15th!

Many cool-season annuals can be planted this month, especially during the second half.

Watch for early shipments of geraniums, bacopa, and petunias to replenish containers. Planting soon will lead to full, beautiful pots this season, or stop into one of our garden centers and grab a pre-planted container!

Fertilize spring bulbs again after flowering; remove seed heads as they form; allow foliage to turn yellow and die back naturally.

Sow seeds for sweet peas and nasturtiums now; wait to plant sunflowers until May.

For the Lawn & Landscape

Overseed bare spots or thicken up thin lawns as temperatures warm up. If you use a weed and feed, it will be most effective this month.

Fertilize this month: Roses, perennials, trees, shrubs, lawns, and established plantings. We recommend G&B All-Purpose Fertilizer, G&B Paradise Blend, or G&B Lawn Food—this will feed your plants and improve the soil in which they live with beneficial microbes and fungi.

Pest watch:

  • Monitor rhododendrons/azaleas towards the end of April for signs of lace bug hatching/damage.
  • Monitor roses and fruit trees for early signs of disease or pests. Stop in to discuss treatment options with one of our garden experts!

For the Edible Garden

Plant your salad garden: greens, radishes, carrots, herbs, potatoes, beets

It’s also time for: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage; sow seeds or plant starts in 2 to 3 week intervals for a staggered harvest

Protect tender new shoots from slugs with Sluggo or Sluggo Plus; protect from insects and light frost with a floating row cover or Harvest Guard.

Wait till May for warm season veggies (tomatoes and peppers). It’s still too cold for plants that like warm nights!

In the Garden Shed

Check on overwintered fuchsias and other tender plants in storage; slowly bring them out from protection as the weather warms.

Keep tender/young plant protection items handy for late freezes: cloches, cold-frames, burlap, frost blankets

Never run out of Sluggo!

Basic Pruning List

Prune early spring-flowering shrubs after flowers fade. Tip back to control size and remove oldest canes at the base of the plant (forsythia, flowering quince, ribes/flowering currant).

Prune roses if you have not yet done so!

For Fun

  • Make a terrarium to honor Earth Day (April 22). Observe the cycles of nature as you tend to your tiny world under glass.
  • Plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day (April 30).


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