A simple circle of wire adorned with ornaments and fresh evergreen cuttings symbolizes unity and eternity while celebrating our fertile earth, rebirth, and the change of the seasons. With the step-by-step instructions below, learn how to hand tie a wreath made with fresh greens and seasonal accents.


  • 12-inch wire wreath frame
  • 5-7 pounds fresh-cut greens
  • Sturdy craft wire on spool or paddle
  • Hand pruners or lopper
  • Wire cutter
  • Gloves
  • Optional décor: berries, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried floral items, etc.

Step 1

Gather your greens; 5-7 pounds is ideal. Cut large branches down into multiple pieces 5-7 inches in length (use mostly the tips; they are the best looking). Arrange cut pieces in piles by type for ease.

Noble fir is the classic base green and adds bulk. Douglas fir makes a great base too, but has a finer texture. You will need more of the base green than the accent greens. Pine adds spiky texture, while Cedar is lacy and graceful with bright yellow pollen tips or sweet, small cones. Juniper has power-blue berries and foliage, and Holly leaves add a glossy texture, but bright red berries don’t last very long and often discolor indoors.

Step 2

Using the wire attached to the spool/paddle, attach the wire to the wreath frame by wrapping it around a secure spot on the ring several times. Keep the wire in one continuous piece for the entire project. Set aside.

Assemble several loose bundles of greens in pretty arrangements of 5-6 pieces using the fir on the bottom and adding accent greens. Bundles should be about the size of your hand. Set aside all but one of the bundles.

Step 3

Lay the first bundle onto the ring with the tips pointing slightly outwards. Use the wire to attach the first bundle onto the wreath frame by wrapping it several times around the frame and bundle; pull tightly on wire to keep tension, but be careful not to break it. After first bundle is secured, attach the second bundle; make sure you cover the stems/wire of the previous one.

Step 4

Continue adding bundles until the frame is covered; tuck the ends of the last bundle underneath the first to hide the stems and wire. Wrap tightly with wire to be sure greens are secure (give it a shake test)! Roll 10-12 inches of wire off the paddle and cut the wire. Wrap ends of wire around frame until secure, or add a hanging loop with excess wire.

Step 5

Gift or hang and enjoy! Greens will stay fresh longest if displayed outdoors. Mist indoor greens weekly to keep them from drying out. Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer are great at removing sticky sap from your hands or tools.

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