Dear Valued Client,

We are currently in the process of performing the turn-on and tune-up of your sprinkler system, which is part of your contracted service. During our visit, we will thoroughly inspect the system for breaks, inspect valves, check controllers (if accessible), and check head adjustment and nozzles, weather permitting. This inspection will ensure that the sprinklers will operate as effectively as your system permits.

While going through your sprinkler system, it is common to find some components that are worn out or damaged because of vandalism, vehicles, etc. To be as efficient as possible in completing any necessary work, we will perform up to $500 in repairs to your irrigation lateral and mainlines, valves, heads, or drip irrigation.

This will allow us to complete the turn-on, adjustments, and any repair work simultaneously. This process also reduces the need for multiple visits and keeps costs down. Should we come across anything significant or above this amount, we will contact you prior to initiating the necessary repairs.

IF YOU WISH TO OPT OUT of these savings, please check the authorization box and sign below at your earliest convenience. Thank you and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Water Management Division, Dennis’ Seven Dees Landscaping, Inc.

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