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Since 1956, we’ve been growing customers for life by designing, building, and maintaining award-winning landscapes. We’re confident that we can help you create your dream outdoor living space!

Award-Winning Landscapes

There are so many things that set us apart from other local landscapers. Our quality of work, level of service, years of experience, and the awards we’ve won are just the beginning.

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Building your landscape should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. We combine your ideas and needs with our expertise while considering budget sensibility to create a unique landscape design just for you.

We Love What We Do

We take great pride in our work and aim to create landscapes that are direct extensions of our clients. Our goal is to design and build outdoor spaces that you want to spend time in. We believe our work speaks for itself, so please take a look!

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Award-Winning Landscapes for 27 Consecutive Years

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There are so many things that set us apart from other local landscapers. Our quality of work, level of service, years of experience, and the awards we’ve won are just the beginning.

If you’re looking to hire us to design your outdoor area, you can have peace of mind knowing that we create nationally-acclaimed, award-winning spaces! Every year since 1993, our landscape designs have won awards from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), who honors outstanding landscape and lawn care projects through national Awards of Excellence. Take a look through our portfolio to see the stunning array of residential landscaping projects we’ve completed throughout the years. What can we say? We’re proud of our team and their accomplishments!

We’ve developed a simple, modern process which sets us apart from outdated, expensive, and traditional construction.

1. CONCEPT: Our process begins with your landscaping goals and an assessment of your property. We work with your ideas and take measurements to develop a master plan that will help us create your landscape efficiently and within your budget.

2. RESEARCH: Every local administration can be different when it comes to coding and zoning regulations. Our team will verify the feasibility of your project so it is designed and built to meet local requirements.

3. DESIGN: Although you may communicate with one designer on your project, you’ll have an entire team working behind the scenes to ensure we don’t miss a beat. We work with advanced design technology to present you with an accurate, detailed visual of your space so you know what to expect.

4. BUILD: Our construction crews are led by the best in the industry. We have a spotless safety record and punctual project management to ensure your new landscape will be installed on time and on budget.

5. MAINTENANCE: We offer a warranty on your new landscape, plus weekly maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking great for years.

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Landscaping Blog Articles

‘Tis the Season for Dwarf Conifers

Conifer plants tend to shine in the wintertime, whether they are in containers or in the landscape. Although most are stately and towering, dwarf conifers are smaller, often slower-growing than the species and are somewhat more practical for...

Basic Houseplant Troubleshooting: 7 Common Problems

Tiny gnats in your coffee, yellowing or dropping leaves, crispy or distorted growth… these may all be symptoms of common houseplant problems that are easily addressed if caught early. Read on to learn what to watch for and how to diagnose, treat,...

Landscape Lighting: See Your Yard in a Whole New Light

With Daylight Savings coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer… cue Lydia Deetz: “My whole life is a dark room. One. Big. Dark. Room.” Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the drift—a lot less sunlight...

“To Rake or Not to Rake” and Other Fall Gardening To-Dos

What should gardeners be doing (or not doing) this fall to help plants survive the winter and thrive next spring? How does one protect bird nesting and pollinator habitat or get a jump-start on next season’s pest control? Here is a detailed to-do...

Our Favorite Trees, Shrubs & Vines for Fall Color in the Landscape

What's the best part about fall? Some may say it's the pumpkin lattes and comfort food, the cozy scarves and boots, or the crisp air and refreshing rain showers... the list goes on and on. We may be biased, but our absolute favorite part about this...

9 Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

For those of us who live in the city or on a smaller plot of land, we don’t have much room for an extensive landscape design. At Dennis’ 7 Dees, one of the main concerns we hear from some of our clients is that their space isn’t large enough for...

Summer Landscape Design Ideas

With warm weather beckoning you outside and cooler nights calling for family and friends to gather, summer may just be the absolute best time of year to enjoy your landscape. Make the most of the season by creating a landscape design fit for...

There’s No Place Like Home

As an owner of Dennis' 7 Dees, Dave Snodgrass takes great pride in his company, and his passion for landscaping and plants is unmatched. A few years ago, he went through the process of creating his own dream home and outdoor space. It began with...

Outdoor Living: Bringing the Indoors Outdoors

This beautiful summer weather beckons us to spend more time outdoors on the patio, enjoying al fresco dining, and laughing together around a fire pit. Your landscape should be an extension of your home, bringing indoor comforts outside to create...

Intro to Xeriscaping: Gardening with Less Water

Successful Water-Wise Gardening Many drought-tolerant plants have adapted to dry conditions by growing vast, far-reaching root systems that seek out water deep below the soil’s surface. Getting new plantings off to a good start and providing deep...

Our team of talented landscape designers work with your wishes, needs, and budget to create a custom space just for you.

Why Landscape Design?

Earn every time you shop


  • Clean air of pollutants
  • Control temp extremes
  • Reduce erosion, runoff, flooding, and evaporation
  • Reduce soil degradation
  • Nurture ecosystems and biodiversity
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  • Boost home value
  • Attract prospective buyers
  • Reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Reduce water cost
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Homegrown food
  • Support local business
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  • Improve home security
  • Create natural barriers
  • Eliminate tripping and slipping hazards
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Shade for sun protection
  • Safer setting for kids/pets
  • Improve night visibility
Livability & Aesthetics


  • Curb appeal
  • Unique, personal touch
  • Minimize noise
  • Increase privacy
  • Decrease stress
  • Spaces to relax and entertain
  • Foster active lifestyles
  • Fresh landscape all year

You can also visit our garden center locations in the Portland metro area and northern Oregon coast for your landscape supply needs. Aside from our great selection of plants, we offer delivery and curbside pickup options as well as custom planting services for your convenience. Don’t forget to join our Plant Perks rewards program for coupons and discounts throughout the year!

Cedar Hills Garden Center

Cedar Hills Garden Center

10455 SW Butner Rd
Portland, OR 97225
Every Day 9 am–5 pm

Lake Oswego Garden Center

Lake Oswego Garden Center

1090 McVey Ave
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Every Day 9 am–6 pm

Seaside Garden Center

Seaside Garden Center

84794 Hwy 101 South
Seaside, OR 97138
Every Day 10 am–4 pm

Bridgeport Village Plant Shop

Bridgeport Village Plant Shop

7325 SW Bridgeport Rd
Tigard, OR 97224
Mon–Sat 10 am–8 pm
Sunday 11 am–6 pm

Rejuvenation Plant Shop

Rejuvenation Plant Shop

1100 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214
Mon–Sat 10 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–5 pm

Shorty's Garden Center

Shorty's Garden Center

10006 Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98664
Every Day 9 am–5 pm
Shorty’s website

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