Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Pieris are considered classic Northwest landscape plants. Mostly evergreen and spring blooming, they thrive in our acidic soil and temperate climate and are reliably low maintenance and deer resistant. Rhodies and azaleas are available in a range of colors—mostly white, red, pinks, and purples. Read on to find out about some of our favorites.

Rhododendron ‘Daphnoides’
3-4′ tall and wide dwarf shrub; large trusses of violet blooms with small rounded, glossy dark green foliage; late spring bloomer

Rhododendron ‘Jean Marie De Montegue’
5-6′ tall and wide; bright red blooms and thinner pinnate foliage with yellow veins; mid-spring bloomer

Rhododendron ‘Calsap’
5′ tall and wide; blush/white blooms with dark burgundy blotch; eye-catching when mature and in bloom; mid-spring bloomer

very hardy; 6′ tall and 4′ wide; mass of multi-layered petals bloom in late spring in peach, pink, and cream; dark green foliage develops red-bronze highlights in fall; deciduous
3-4′ tall and 4-5′ wide; best-selling red azalea with bright red blooms starting in early spring; cold tolerant with plum colored winter foliage; great anchor for wooded gardens

Azalea ‘Girard’s Fuchsia’
3-4′ tall and 4-5′ wide; stunning violet pink blooms that open in mid-spring; semi evergreen

Pieris ‘Little Heath’
3-4′ tall and wide dwarf with compact growth habit; smaller variegated foliage; tends to bloom more profusely if planted in early to mid afternoon sun

Pieris ‘FIRE N ICE’
6-8′ tall and 5-6′ wide; slower growing; more shade tolerant; full sized variegated leaves with bright fiery red color as new growth emerges

Pieris ‘Purity’
3-4′ tall and wide; compact growth habit; dark green glossy leaves contrast against pure white chains of bell-shaped flowers; perfect for pop of white in shade garden

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Images from Monrovia

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