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Beautiful landscape design has long been associated with luscious green grass, vibrant flowers, and abounding trees. However, more and more property owners have been leaving the traditional behind for a more contemporary and practical approach—a lawn-free design.

This modern landscape trend is centered around creating an attractive and useful outdoor space using many different substrates, but excluding grass. The use of various textures forms a scene of architectural and/or flowing shapes, bringing the fundamental elements of nature into your yard. Intrigued by this new landscape design style? Here are a few creative options we love in a lawn-free design.

A Path Worth Taking

Slate walkways and stepping stones are perfect features to bring your unique design style to a space. Depending on the materials and shapes of this hardscape, your yard can gain a sweeping pathway or an architectural statement.

residential landscaping portland home fence and paver path by Dennis' 7 Dees
Natural stone path and shade plantings by Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaoing

Gravel Grandeur

Maintaining a grass lawn is not only time consuming—it can require a lot of water and certain chemicals to be used in the process. Switching to a rock-based ground matter is environmentally friendly and creates a beautiful base texture to build upon.

mulch stone gravel walkway in backyard by Dennis' 7 Dees

A Place to Gather

A common theme for the modern, lawn-free landscape is creating an outdoor living space by bringing some favorite comforts to your backyard. A fire pit is the perfect finishing touch for this objective and acts as a gathering place for family and friends throughout the year.

beautiful outdoor fireplace with seating by Dennis' 7 Dees
patio with brick fire pit in residential landscape by Dennis' 7 Dees

As this modern landscaping trend grows, we are excited to see more people adopt it and make it their own—the possibilities are endless. If you have any questions or are ready to start your own lawn-free landscape design, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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