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1. What services do you offer?

Urban Plantscapes provides three major services:

  • Installing and maintaining container plantings for commercial spaces
  • Designing and installing moss art pieces and living walls
  • Creating custom holiday décor and displays that brighten up a space with tasteful festive cheer

We have experience maintaining interior plants in all sizes of commercial spaces, from world headquarters of some of the biggest brands to HOAs and single office sites. We work with your property manager or owner to select the perfect plants and planters for your environment, and then visit regularly to maintain the plants and water them. We provide all the benefits of a beautiful green interior space without any of the hassle!

Our moss walls and moss art pieces are unique, maintenance-free, and true statement pieces for your employees and guests. Whether you have an idea in mind or want us to create a custom moss wall masterpiece for you, we’re ready to elevate your space.

Check out our portfolio of moss art, office and hospitality plants, and holiday décor, and get in touch with us today to add the power of plants to your commercial space!

2. Do you service exterior container plants?

Yes, we design and service exterior container plants for your commercial property. These container plantings can add a welcoming touch and elegant greenery, and they provide interest to the exterior of your building. View our exterior container plants portfolio to see how we’ve helped other companies stand out.

3. How can I order a moss wall?

We’d love to work with you to create a custom moss wall! Please fill out our inquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch. It’s helpful to consider what you’re looking for in terms of size, budget, placement, etc. when submitting your enquiry.

4. Are moss walls alive? Do they require maintenance?

Our moss walls are made with real, preserved moss. Therefore, they do not need to be watered and are less appealing to insects or pests. Moss walls may occasionally develop a small patch here and there that could use some refreshing, but in general, they are a very low maintenance choice to bring beautiful greenery into your space.

5. What is moss art or a moss wall?

Moss art, or moss walls, use preserved moss attached to a backing that can be hung on a wall. Although the moss is real in a moss art piece, it is no longer alive and, instead, preserved to retain its appearance, shape, and color. Moss art does not need to be watered and is a beautiful, low-maintenance option to provide green art that helps any room stand out.

6. What are green walls and living walls?

A living wall is a vertical garden that contains living plants. Each wall is customizable and completely unique in every way, from the design and plant choices to how they grow. Because living walls are alive, the plants need to be watered, have a drainage system, and possibly grow lights, as well. With our systems, if a plant dies, it is relatively easy to replace.

Living walls are loved for many reasons. They create eye-catching displays, save precious floor space, bring emotional and physical benefits of plants to humans, and are even proven to increase productivity. If you’re interested in Urban Plantscapes designing and installing a custom living wall for your space or simply taking over existing wall maintenance services, please contact us.

7. How often will you service my interior plants?

Our interior plant care maintenance contracts include regular services of your plants, depending on the specific needs of the plants chosen and the environment in which they sit. We visit once per week for the first month after installation as the plants adjust to their new home, and then our schedule becomes every other week. During the summer months or when it’s going to be especially warm, we visit more often.

8. What kind of plants should go in my building?

We have a broad selection of indoor plants that thrive in our local interior conditions. For various locations in your space, depending on temperature and light, we’ll suggest certain plants that will do well, and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. In general, we focus on “tropical” houseplants since they tend to do well in indoor spaces at room temperature, but there is plenty of opportunity to incorporate lush ferns and other hardy plants that one would typically see here in the Pacific Northwest.

9. I want a specific type or types of plants. Can I choose?

We will make recommendations based on the layout and amount of daylight in a specific area; however, if you are passionate about a certain plant, we will do our best to make that happen! We do recommend sticking with plants that will thrive in your chosen location, otherwise we might recommend installing grow lights or an irrigation system to ensure the plants don’t become too stressed. We want to set you and your new plants up for success!

10. Do you offer residential interior plant services?

At this time, we do not offer interior plant maintenance services for private residences. We do offer design, creation, and maintenance of exterior container plants for your house, however, and excel at creating planters that match and enhance your home’s aesthetic. In addition, we are happy to design, create, and install moss art in your home!

11. My office or building has low natural light. Can you still install plants?

Definitely! We have a range of beautiful plants that can tolerate lower light levels. We might also recommend that you install a subtle grow light to boost the happiness of your plants.

12. What types of commercial spaces do you service?

Commercial spaces that we service include offices, hotels, multi-family housing, retail stores and malls, healthcare facilities, education environments, municipal buildings, and more!

13. Is there a warranty on your plants?

Most of our contracts include a plant warranty, so you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting issues or any extra costs!

14. What happens if plants get pests or diseases?

We treat pests and disease as best we can, which may include swapping out plants and rejuvenating them in our greenhouse.

15. Are your plant care specialists certified in horticulture?

Yes, all of our technicians are highly encouraged to receive their Interior Technician Certification through the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

16. Questions About Holiday Décor

When should I book?

We encourage you to book a holiday décor consultation well in advance of the holiday season to help us get your project into production. Our slots can sometimes fill up by September! So, we hope you’ll let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll prepare a beautiful seasonal display on time.

How long does décor stay up?

This is largely up to you. Typically, our clients request that their holiday décor is set up late November or early December and is taken down either just before or shortly after New Year’s Day. If you would like to extend or shorten your holiday display schedule, please let us know!

Can I choose the color scheme?

Yes! We have a portfolio of colors and decoration themes for you to choose from and we are confident you’ll find a beautiful selection that matches and enhances your brand. Some clients choose color schemes that match their logo, while others choose holiday décor that matches the color of the room and its furnishings. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect seasonal displays for any commercial space!

Do you have non-denominational decorations?

Yes, we do have non-denominational or non-religious holiday decorations. From lighted deer and snow to faux lighted birch trees and tasteful colorful container plantings, we have holiday office décor to suit any taste.

Do you offer decorations for all religions?

If you have particular holiday decoration requests, please let us know! In the past we have catered to many different religious symbols for the holidays and look forward to accommodating your preferences.

Do I buy or rent my holiday décor?

This is up to you. Most of our customers rent holiday décor from us each year, with a built-in set-up and tear-down fee for a set number of years. However, if you prefer to own the decorations and have us set them up for you seasonally, that is also an option. Just contact us to learn more!

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